Coverage of our maid insurance includes-

Personal Accident

24 hours worldwide cover for death, permanent disablement resulting from an accident. This also includes medical expenses for treatment of accidental injury.

Repatriation Expenses

We will pay for conveyance of the maid to her country of origin following an accident, sickness or disease which results in her permanent total disablement as defined under the policy.

Hospital and Surgical Expenses

Reimbursement of all necessary charges incurred by your maid as an in-patient as a result of accidental bodily injury or illness.

Termination Expenses

Reimbursement of charges incurred in respect of termination of maid’s services as a result of being certified by a registered physician or surgeon to be medically unfit to work.

Wages and Levy Reimbursement

China Taiping Insurance will reimburse pro-rata wages and levy imposed by the government should you suffer from loss of services from the maid caused by her hospitalization due to an illness or accident.

Recuperation Expenses

We will pay for the maid’s daily recuperation benefits – during the maid’s stay in a hospital as insured under Section 3 – Hospital and Surgical Expenses of this policy.

Security Bond

This security bond replaces the S$5,000.00 security deposit to be submitted to the Controller of Immigration. China Taiping Insurance requires a counter indemnity to be executed by you, the Employer. If you are a foreigner, a local guarantor or registered company is required as a third party guarantor.